Accessing the Yahoo Groups Website for Your Group(s)

NOTE: This process was last updated on January 9, 2005. It is possible Yahoo has made changes since then. If you find that to be the case, I'd appreciate a note.

1. As a Yahoo E-mail Group member you can send, receive and reply to Group e- mail without needing to access the Yahoo Groups web site.

To change your subscribed e-mail address, to read the Group e-mail archive or to use other features of the Yahoo Groups service, you will need to use their web site.

The following will help you set up the Yahoo prerequisites to access the site. It is arranged as a decision tree. When you are told GO TO #, go right to that step - don't bother reading the skipped information, as you will probably just find it confusing.

2. Do you have any interest in accessing the Yahoo Groups web site (for any of the reasons stated above)? 3. Here (between the *** ) is a nutshell summary of what you need to do to access a Yahoo Groups web site for any particular group. This may be all you need to know. If not, a step-by-step procedure follows. *** To access the Yahoo web site for a particular Group, you must have a Yahoo ID, and the address that is subscribed to the Group must be listed as an alternate address with your Yahoo ID. *** Want a little more help? Read on. HELPFUL SUGGESTION - PRINT THIS PAGE NOW.

4. Do you already have a Yahoo ID? 5. Your first step will be to establish a Yahoo ID. 6. You have a Yahoo ID, so now you will use the Yahoo Membership Wizard to locate your groups. Go to You should see a "Welcome" with your Yahoo ID. Click the "Membership Wizard" link near the bottom of the page.

7. You'll see some explanatory information. Click the button to Continue.

8. You'll see a list of the e-mail addresses that Yahoo knows are associated with this Yahoo ID, and some instructions specific to your situation. Follow them.

9. You are done. Note that if you belong to multiple Yahoo E-mail Groups, you can use the Membership Wizard to locate the others and associate them with multiple Yahoo IDs and/or multiple e-mail addresses if desired.

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