Fellowship Forum

Policy Statements

From time to time, the Fellowship Forum Governing Board sets policies for which no change in By-Laws is required. These are recorded here.

March 17, 2009  

The Governing Board of the Fellowship Forum defines the winter and a summer member dress code and dress code schedule, as follows:

I want to thank the Forum members who took part in the discussions. I hope you feel your input was given proper consideration.

Elmo Sanders
For the Board of Governors  


Job Descriptions Repository

For each officer and committee chairman in the Fellowship Forum, there is a job description. It is intended as a statement of how the job has been done, not a requirement that it be done that way. Each incumbent may update it if and as he feels necessary based on his experience in the job. This will insure that incoming oficers and chairmen have a resource to learn their responsibilities quickly. It also serves as institutional memory for the Forum.

Here are the offices and committees. The entry is a link (underlined, bold) upon which you can click to read the description.

If you are an officer or committee chairman and want to change your posted job description, you can provide Skip Ross with a word processor file, preferably in Rich Text Format, and he will upload it.


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