Rogue Valley Manor Residents Email Group

CloudThis email group is a quick and efficient means of sharing information with residents at large. It is free, private, developed by residents and is for residents only. That means that only Rogue Valley Manor residents, and some senior RVM Administration members, are permitted to subscribe to and use this communication vehicle. Those outside our community are not able to post or read messages.

Residents Council is enthusiastic about the creation of this resident email group. Of course it should not be used for mention or discussion of private administration, advisory council or residents council business matters. Please abide by this rule.

Other netiquette rules are that there be no commercial advertising and no discussion of politics or religion, and only polite, civil communications will be allowed. Remember, anything you send to the resident email group will be seen by all of its members.

The email group, also known as the rvmlist Mail Group, was created by residents Skip Ross and Nils Nilsson, with much help and encouragement from their wives, Janet Ross and Grace Abbott. It is currently managed by Skip Ross.


qmark Before you sign up, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


If you are a resident of RVM, and would like to join, you simply provide some information – name, email address, etc. – and you will be invited by to join. Respond to the invitation. You will then be able to post a message, receive all posted messages, and reply to any posted message.

To subscribe to rvmlist, send an email to Skip Ross with the following information: Your name; RVM extension; email address to be subscribed. You will receive an invitation by email. Skip's address is in the RVM directory. -->

glassFor more information about the invitation you will receive, click on the magnifying glass icon.

If you decide to subscribe to rvmlist, there are two rvmlist tutorials on this page that you should check out. They describe ways to enhance your subscription to make rvmlist more enjoyable for you. Look near the bottom of the page, under Manor Tutorials.

Send a message

envelopeOnce subscribed, you can send a message to the group
by addressing your e-mail to:

Things To Know

know You now know all you need to know to enjoy rvmlist -- read posted messages, reply if you want to and post your own message when you get the urge. However, there are more things to know about rvmlist that may enhance your pleasure in using it. Brief descriptions of a number of them are in the document you can see by clicking on the graduation icon to the right.

Mail Group problems

Did you not receive a mesage from inviting you to join rvmlist? Are you not receiving rvmlist messages? If you don't get messages from rvmlist, please check your Junk folder(s) - sometimes messages from email groups are treated as spam. NOTE that if you download messages to your PC to read them, your mail will be screened by two spam filters - one on your PC by your PC mail program, and one online managed by your email provider. You should check both if you don't get the messages. If you do find messages that were erroneously sent to Junk, you can train your email program by selecting the misclassified message(s) and clicking "Not Junk" or "Not Spam" in your mail program - usually at the top somewhere.

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Manor Favorites

KittensSubscribers often share comments about their favorite things - Dining, Lodging, Recreation, etc.
Check them out, and share your own -- click the [whiskers on kitten] icon.

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Manor Birthdays

Since Rogue Valley Manor is legally not allowed to publish a list of resident birthdays, but residents may do so, there is now a birthday database online. Including your name in the database is strictly voluntary. It exists to facilitate residents greeting each other on their birthday.

To add your birthday to the database, email Skip Ross swith your name, RVM extension and birthday day and month. Skip's email is in the RVM directory.

To see the birthday list, click the birthday cake icon. cake

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Referrals from MyRVM Resident Intranet

There are now referrals to this page from MyRVM, the Rogue Valley Manor Intranet, They are under the Groups and Activities tab. The titles are Manor Birthdays, Manor Favorites, Manor Mail Group. They will direct you to the relevant pages.
If you want to tell a fellow resident how to get here, that's an easy way.

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Manor Tutorials

Here are some tutorials that you may find useful.

Introductory tutorial for MyRVM

myrvm If you are not yet a user of the MyRVM Resident Intranet, and would like to look at a fairly basic tutorial explaining how to register and get started using this very valuable and important communications tool for residents, click the icon. This tutroial may be too basic for people who are pretty experienced computer users. 

Creating an account for rvmlist

myrvmAs a subscriber to rvmlist, you can receive, post and reply to email messages. Some messages include photos or images. If the images, in aggregate, are mall enough, as a subscriber you will be able to see them. However, if they exceed some maximum size, will convert them to links and store the images on the rvmlist website. Access to the website is limited to account holders This tutorial will assist you in creatinng an account. Click the cloud icon.  

Creating an identity for your rvmlist account

myrvmIf you have created an account for rvmlist (see the preceedng tutorial) , you may find when you post messages that only your email address shows as the author. You can easily add your name as part of your identity. Click the couple icon for a simple tutorial to see how to add your identity to your account.

Tutorial: Using the Spectrum TV Remote Control

TVMost RVM residents use Spectrum cable as their TV provider, because of RVM's contract. The Spectrum Set Top Box (cable box) that receives the TV signal is controlled via a remote control. The most common remote is silver colored. It controls both the basic TV functions and, for DVR users, the digital recording functions. As a result, it has many buttons, and can be daunting. Clicking on the TV icon will bring up a fairly simple tutorial on how to use this remote. If your remote is different, the functions probably have the same names, but may be located differently.

Tutorial: Using the Spectrum TV DVR Feature

RemoteAn extra cost feature available to Spectrum TV customers is Digital Video Recording (DVR). This feature allows recording of TV programs. This can be used to record programs for later viewing and, handily, to skip over commercials in a recording. The controls for DVR are on the smae remote as is used for watching TV. Spectrum has two DVR setups. This tutorial is for the newer one, which most long time Spectrum users do not yet have.

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