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CS with new bottom 10/30/97


I just got my CS30 back in the slip after having a bottom job. The last one had been done in Oct'94 and the boat is in warm fresh water all year round.

As could be expected, there were some blisters. Not bad, though. The largest was about 3/4" across. Most were less then 1/2". A total of about 20. None went deep into the FRP laminate. The bottom had an epoxy barrier applied the last two times (as per records from the boat yard that did the work, in 94 and 92) and two coats of VC17. The VC17 had worn off in spots at the bow, showing the grey Interlux 2000 epoxy barrier. Evidently, three years is too long to go between bottom jobs, for VC17 in this location.

We had them put on four coats of Interlux 2000 and two coats of VC17. The blisters were ground out and filled with Interlux VC Watertite. Next time around, we may switch to a different bottom paint to get a longer life out of it before hauling again. Haven't researched it yet, we sort of jumped into this because we discovered the blistering while swimming a few weeks ago and the boat yard had an opening; so we went with what had been done before. VC17 is pretty popular around here.

We also had them power buff and wax the topsides and deck. She looks good!

I know there aren't any other CS owners down here in central Texas, but just as a data point for comparison, the total bill was $1969 (including 8.5% tax).

Anyway, motoring back to the marina I saw almost an extra half knot at full throttle. We are eager to see what happens when sailing.

Cheers,CS Owners Associations Listserver Discussions


CS30 "Sprite"

P.S. Many thanks to Skip for putting the list server up.

Charlie Mayne

CSOA Request for Info on Manuals 10/30/97

OK Listserve let us see you work!!

Does anyone have an original owners manual for CS33, that I could get a copy of? I have a copy of a CS36 manual, have heard that one was never published for the CS30. How about the other boats in the CS Fleet?

Best Winds,

Anton & Shirley

CS33 "Kokopelli"


I have a similar situation with my CS34. When we bought it, there was no manual with it. I contacted CS Yachts, and asked for a manual. They replied that one had not yet been completed, but it was similar to the CS36, so they sent me a copy of that. They went out of business shortly thereafter. Therefore, I think there does not exist a manual for CS34s. Maybe the same is true for CS33s - I hope for your sake that someone can give you better news.

By the way, the list is not yet very populated, so you might want to resend your messages in a few weeks.

Best regards,

Skip Ross

There was a CS30 and CS36M manual published, but never the quality & detail like the manual Ray Wall published for the CS36T and I assume CS33.

Having an in-house Architect pays dividends.


CS27 Anchor Roller 11/2/97

CS27 Owners,

Someone sent me a note telling of a manufacturer of a custom anchor roller for a CS27. The manufacturer was in the Lake Ontario are but I can't find the note nor remember who sent it. PLEASE HELP!!

Best Winds,

Anton & Shirley

CS33 "Kokopelli"


The following address was obtained from the Destiny Calls site. A CS27 currently working its way down the ICW.

"Stainless Outfitters"

110 Saunder

Barrie, Ont. L4M 6E7



For pictures and description please see the site: http://members.aol.com/donatkdg/Improvements_anchor.html

I hope this is what you were looking for.

Bill Hall




Anchor Winch for CS27 11/3/97

I am relaying a query from an owner without e-mail.

Has anyone put an anchor winch on a CS27?

What kind and how?

Stephanie Greer (Polaris)

CS22 11/4/97

Would anyone have any information on the CS22. I was able to pull a review but have found little else.....

CS30 hull speed 11/7/97


After getting new bottom paint, I see a 1/2 knot increase in hull speed; but, I wonder how fast I am actually going. According to the 1.34*sqrt(LWL) formula, the CS30 hull speed should be 1.34*sqrt(25.42) = 6.75 knots.

My Signet knot meter must be reading slow. Motoring at 2900 rpm in a dead calm only showed 5.5 knots. I'm pretty sure the boat goes at hull speed. We don't seem slow compared to other boats we pass on the water. I tweaked the meter up to 6.5 knots with the calibration screw. Now I feel much better!

I am looking around for a loaner knot meter to use to calibrate mine against. Also, I'm trying to find a good enough chart of the lake I sail to get an exact known distance to run a time calculation, which would probably be the best way to set my meter, no doubt more accurate than using a GPS reading or another knot meter. I'd have to borrow a GPS, anyway. Note that I am on an inland lake, which is why I don't have navigation equipment and why there are no reliable navigation markers.

So, how fast do CS30's go? The 2900 rpm at full throttle in calm conditions seems about right to me. It revs to 3100 under no load, Volvo 2002 BTW. I have a two-blade fixed prop, don't recall the pitch or size. I don't think I am over-propped or under-propped.



CS30 "Sprite"

Charlie Mayne



Our CS30 goes around 6.1 knots in flat water at around 2400 rpm. Full throttle is around 2900 under load which seems to get us about 6.3 knots. That's with a clean bottom and no dinghy. We switched from the fixed two-blade prop to a MaxProp three blade feathering prop (15"). We get less vibration with the MaxProp more top end speed (about 0.2 knots in flat water but up to 0.5 - 0.75 with waves etc.) and much better backing up. We calibrated our knot meter on a measured mile. Hull speed is a slippery concept - we do up to about 6.8 knots (7.38 once!) under the right conditions under sail (broad reaching).


- Alan

CS30 "Cartouche"


I owned a CS30 for years, with a "Gori" geared 2 bladed folding prop. The boat flew under power, 2500 RPM = 6.5 Knots / 3100 RPM = 6.9 I think your present fixed prop is a touch overpitched. Ideally you what to see under load and full throttle, is 3200 RPM.

The Gori wears as time goes on depending care/usage and can set up vibration. The chap who worked for Gori left and designed and manufactures the "Flexifold Folding Prop", Cruising World gave it Top Overall Marks for Performance / Value, in a recent survey of ten folding props.

Is anybody out there using a Flexifold? , comments please. Consider one to increase your performance both under power and sail.

Cheers! David.

Circuit breakers CS36 11/11/97

Hi, does anyone have any information on original or replacement circuit breakers for the DC electrical panel on CS36's in the early 80's? My boat was built in 1982 and has several broken 'off' switches and a few abandoned circuit slots where the breaker was scavenged for higher priority use. I would like to repair this without doing a complete rewire of the panel if possible, anyone else had to deal with this?

Mary Ellen Spinar

Wind Dancer CS36


I'm in a similar bind, but a local marine electronics guy said he may have a source. Thanks for the post. I'll give him a ring tomorrow and see if I can get one to try.


Re request for information on original or replacement circuit breakers for the DC electrical panel on CS36's from early 80's.

Captain Carsten suggests that you try Holland Marine in Toronto.

Tel: (416)762-3821 of Fax (416)762-4458.

They may have e-mail by now but our catalogue is old.

Let us know if you meet with success.

Stephanie Greer (CS36 Polaris)

Thanks Stephanie, I called and ordered a catalog of parts. Holland Marine does not carry the push button/lever switch type breakers that are in my panel but suggested I try Electrosonic in Toronto. They aren't open on Saturday so will have to call again next week.

Mary Ellen

Feathering propellor 11/16/97

we have a 1980 CS36 with a westerbeke 30 / leyman / perkins 4-91 and I would like to know the diameter & pitch for a maxi or gori folding propeller - thank you



The recommended folding prop (Gori) for the CS36 powered by the 33 hp Westerbeke is according to the documentation that came with my boat is:

- 18' diameter

- 10' pitch

- 1' bore


Originaly my boat had the 30 HP Westerbeke and was repowered with a 33 HP. With the new bigger engine the original Gori folding prop (16.5' x 11')gave adequate performance as well in forward as in astern (6.8 knots max. speed and 6.1 knots cruising speed at 3300 rpm). I lost 3 years ago in Danmark one blade of that orginal prop and changed to a Prowell 3 blade feathering prop 15' x 11 3/4'. I am very satisfied with the performance and also the new prop causes less vibration (because 3 blades compensates better for the different flow of the water on to the top prop blade related to the down blade due to the big aperture (angle of the shaft related to the horizontal level = ca. 20 degrees).

Best regards,

Willem J. Kroes

CS36 "Banjaard"

Inner forestay 11/17/97

Anyone installed an inner forestay on a CS36? Do I need to install running backstays if I do this. I am thinking of doing this as I think she will be easier to control in a gale than using the roller furling headstay to reef the jib. Take the jib in completely and hoist a small jib on the inner forestay with a double reefed main.

Rob Stokes



Don Taylor (CS36 "Kaulani", Lunenburg Yacht Club) has done exactly as you describe. Running backstays et al.

He stores his boat at South Shore Marine for the winter so you could take a peek at it next spring.


Fraser Farmer

CS36 "Green-Sleeves"

Listserv 11/22/97


I put a request to Anton & Shirley asking if they had a problem with putting a hot link on Pat Sturgeons Webpage in Toronto (Local Yacht Broker who knows and sells a lot of CS's).

Haven't heard back, would you have a problem with this?

This would hopefully tap a lot of the Owners in the CS heartland, Southern


Cheers! David...



Go for it ask Pat if he will mention the CSOA web page. PSY (Pat Sturgeon Yachts) has been on our page since the beginning.


Rowing Tenders 11/27/97

Can anyone recommend a dinghy/tender that is around 8ft. and can be rowed easily, towed well, & placed on foredeck? I am tired of the inflatable that cannot be rowed. Anyone familiar with stitch and glue method of construction by Devlin Design?

Best Winds,

Anton & Shirley

CS33 "Kokopelli"



Take a look at Boatex Dinghies Locust Hill Ontario Canada 905/294-9454. I used to sell them (I have one 10' sailing model left). They are fibreglass, Lapstrake, and have no liner that can take on water.

7'2" model weight=60lbs

8'3" model weight=75lbs

10" model weight=90lbs

I use the 8'3" on "Vlinder". It rows well and sails OK, but it won't fit on my foredeck because of the babystay.


CS30 "Vlinder"


A dinghy that I have been interested in for quite a few years is the PortaBoat. It comes in 8', 10' and 12' length. It is collapsible, to about 4" thick, so storage on the fore deck would be simple. In fact, it could be attached to your stanchions anywhere on the boat. All the reviews I have seen on this product have been very positive. It sells for about $1000. West Marine carries it, but I am not sure if you have West Marine in the east. Camping World also carries it - ditto about availability in the east. The PortaBoat company is in Mountain View, California. If the idea appeals to you, you could call 411 to get a phone number and call for literature.


Anton...I've used a Metzler inflatables for many years now...10footers, but they do have an 8footer too...They have an inflatable floor that is very rigid...They are fabulous boats to row and my new Nissan 8 pushes it right along ,with 2 adults and a couple of kids...My 'Bronco' (10ft) fits on the fordeck of my 33 while stored at dock and/or initially while under motor when leaving port...VERY light weight and I can fold up dropping in my starb' laz'...It would slide into the Q berth on some.. I imagine an 8 footer for just a couple would take up even less room & do quite well with a lightweight 5hp... At our last Rendezvous dingy race, my crew and an 8 footer crew cleaned up handily over all matter of craft... This german firm was bought up by the Zodiac peaple as I'm told they wanted the rights to the floor...hardly rocket science , but a good boat when it comes to an easy stable good rowing inflatable...Towes fine ,but not so sure what any inflatable would be like in an offshore sea...

buzz if you need more info..Cheers from "Blue Heron"

Winter Boat Covers 11/27/97

Just received a recommendation concerning custom boat covers for CS Yachts from Tom Lyons CS40 "Lionheart III". Quinte Canvas Mfg. of Kingston,Ontario produces these covers of 10oz. waterproofed canvas, can be made for mast installed (in water storage) or without the stick. Have any of the other CS Owners out there used this companies products? With the current exchange rate it seems like a great deal for those CS owners south of the border. I spent some time yesterday speaking to David Davis of Quinte Canvas and I'm pretty sure something can be worked out for a discount of orders for 5 or more of the same type of boat. The only catch is they would all have to be shipped to one location to make pricing the same, give it some thought and get together.

Please check Quint Canvas web page for more info:


Best Winds,

Anton & Shirley

CS33 "Kokopelli"


What would the price be?



This is the qoute I received from Quinte Canvas for my CS30. This is without the discount that Anton talked about.


CS30 "Vlinder"

The winter cover for a CS30, which includes the 1" aluminum frame skelleton. the canvas cover which is fitted to the frames. and goes to about the water line of your boat. Clamps to assemble the frames, rope and instructions on how to install your cover. Standard length of the cover is about 5' from the top of your life lines down. There is a doorway so that you can get inside if needed. This can be placed at the stern or on either side of your boat.

The price for our cover is $1458. Canadian. Shipping, customs & duty is less than $200 Cdn. At this time the U.S. Dollar is between 35 & 40 %. (I think???)

If you would like the cover split in half, add $100. This breaks the weight of the canvas down from about 120 lbs to two bundles of 60 lbs. (saves the back)

If you would prefer a longer skirt along the sides. add $100 for the extra yardage.

At this time we could deliver this out to you by mid next week. If you live close enough to Kingston you may pick it up if you prefer. ( I checked the location of your internet server to find out where about you lived. to see how I had to price it out. With or with our our cdn taxes. Upper N.Y. I think? :-) )

Should you have any further questions, pls do not hesitate to get back in touch with me via e-mail or by 800 268 4186.


Dave Davis, m.f.c.

Quinte Canvas Manufacturing (Top Shop) Inc.

1150 Clyde Court, Kingston, Ontario K7P 2E4

(613) 384-6316 Phone (613) 384-0002 Fax (800) 268-4186 Ont, PQ, Northern U.S.


Request for CS36 Info 11/29/97

Hi Group,

I have just received an inquiry from a person considering purchase of a CS36. Mr. Fritz Franzen would like to get in touch with a few current owners of the famed CS36. Fritz can be reached at FFranze@aol.com, his request was for a CS36 owner to call him at 515-292-2610. E-mail is probably best, CSOA members list shows no member in 515 area code, nor does CS Owners West. Where is 515 area code?

Best Winds,

Anton & Shirley

CS33 "Kokopelli"



This message is for Fritz F. I tried to send it directly to his aol address, but aol says he is not currently a member, so here it is on the list.

I have owned a 1984 CS36 for 3 seasons and would be happy to correspond. If you need instant advice, here it is. If you can find one in decent shape, buy it:-)

If you can find a CS40 Merlin, let me know and I'll buy it.

John Lambdin



There was a CS40 for sale at RCYC (Toronto) last year. I looked at it but decided to go with a CS36 Merlin instead. The broker, I believe, was Angus Yachts (don't hold me to that). I don't know if it is still for sale. Regards.


To: JHLambdin: Thanks - I have as good as got it bought! Fritz
John: Thanks for the advice. I definitlely am on AOL - I don't know what could have gone wrong. I will be closing on a 1979 deep keel CS36 in two weeks. My wife, Susan, and I like everything about the boat, and its in unbelievable shape (sailed summers only in fresh water - stored indoors) My only question was how the steering holds up in a seaway. Roger Marshall in "Designed to Cruise" says that boats with a bustle have a tendency to completely lose control because of turbulence along the rudder. So far I have three answers from CS36 sailors and all say they have not experienced this problem. Thanks for any advice you can offer.


Mast noise 12/1/97

I noted the query concerning taming mast noise. On my current boat severe noise (reverberating down the mast and then throughout the rest of the boat) resulted primarily from a slapping 3-wire connector to my tricolor. I pulled the wire out of the mast and fastened, every 8 inches or so, three cable ties with 120 degrees (roughly) sperating them. I did not cut off the ties, so I had three flexible plastic strands eminating from the wire on eight inch intervals. I then ran the whole works back into the mast. It has been totally quiet since, and has caused no problems with the halyards, and in fact has, I believe, served to quiet whatever contribution they were making to the racket. I hope this is of some help.

Fritz Franzen

Lifeline stanchion base 12/1/97


Anybody know where to purchase replacement lifeline stanchion bases like those that were used on 1985 CS30? They look like cast aluminum (or some sort of alloy). Three bolts, two through the toe rail. I took a quick look around the marina, but didn't see any other boats with similar base, but there aren't any other CS boats here.



CS30 "Sprite"

Charlie Mayne



Have you tried Holland Marine Products in Toronto? Talk to Peter there.


Fraser Farmer

CS36 "Green-Sleeves"

Call Holland Marine Products

3008 Dundas St W

Toronto Ontario, Canada M6P 1Z3

Tel 416 762 3821 fax 416 762 4458

If anyone has them they do. I got a new stanchion from them for my CS36 last year.

Good Luck

Rob Stokes

Rob and Fraser,

Thanks for the info about Holland Marine. I called them, and they are shipping one to me. I'll let y'all know how it turns out.

For those that are interested, Holland Marine tells me that they carry many custom parts for CS boats. I understood the person I talked with to say that they even manufacture some of these parts themselves. They require a $10 membership fee to order anything. I forgot to ask if that is a lifetime membership.




CS30 "Sprite"

Charlie Mayne

Dual headstay on a CS30 12/1/97

While on the topic of CS parts, has anyone installed a dual headstay on a CS30? We currently have hank-on headsails, and are thinking about going to roller furling; but I'd like to have the ability to put up smaller jibs, without dropping the one on the RF. I'm currently thinking of cutting the 150 for the RF sail, since it is the one we most often use. Another way to go would be to get an even larger sail for the RF, keeping the 150 and the 110 as hank-on alternatives. So I'd like to keep the headstay wire in addition to adding RF. I suppose this could be done by modifying or replacing the stem casting and the masthead. We are just at the "thinking about it" stage now.

The dual systems I've seen have the RF and the headstay running about eight inches apart at the bottom end, and equal distance forward. I wonder if it would be feasible to put small yokes at the masthead and stem fittings. One side would hold the RF and the other the wire stay. The yokes would rotate according to which sail was out. I remember seeing an article a long time ago on Walter Cronkite's boat that had some sort of dual headstay arrangement like this. It would not be as robust as independent connections, but it might be acceptable. It could save a considerable amount of money over replacing the existing stem and masthead castings, if that would actually be required.Maybe there is a simple bolt-on solution? The few dual systems I've looked at appear to be the original rig design, not modifications.



CS30 "Sprite"

Charlie Mayne

One Third Share in CS 36 12/2/97

Anyone out there,

We are looking for a ONE THIRD partner in our 1982 CS-36, "Misty Gray" which we keep at Schooner Cove Marina near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. One partner wants to leave the partnership for health reasons. This is a relatively innexpensive way to enjoy wonderful sailing on a great boat.

I can be reached at home (250) 752-9864, at work (250) 954-1566 or my e-mail address is


Guy Gauvin or Valerie Gunn

Suggestion for the Nautically Obssessed at Christmas! 12/3/97

For Sale - 1989 CS36 Merlin "Taliesin" (King Arthur's Merlin)

Superbly Equipped for Cruising and Racing. There is not one bonifide yachtsman, that would not love to have this yacht, under his or her tree!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Contact - David Courtney courda@axionet.com

Welcome to AIM 12/3/97

I just signed up for Netscape's "AOL Instant Messenger", a 'buddy' system for interactive chat,which is available free to Netscape users and, I think, AOL users. If you're interested in it, there are some URLs listed that give more info. Signing up was really easy. I use Netscape 4.04, which I just downloaded to upgrade from Netscape 4.0.


Feathering maxi propellor group purchase 12/3/97

I have contacted the people at maxi prop & they are willing to give us a group price with no tax for out of state persons the last price with a small number is 1143 us please respond if interested

William Jackson


Hi Bill!

Max props our generally very expensive here in Canada. Can I assume, you've quoted the cost for a two blade (USD or CDN?), sounds good.

Have you seen the article that Cruising World did on Folding/Feathering Props this past year?, they had some interesting comments and insights.

The problem here in Vancouver is Flotsam, i.e. wood, if you take a big enough piece, the only thing left of the Max Prop, is the hub.

One of the best folding props out there in this article was the Flexifold (A Refined Gori), for performance and value.

Regards David.

i will be contacting the company and requesting a price for a 3 blade maxi and also determine a price for a CS30. I will post this in the new year.

Are you dealing with PYI in Edmonds, WA on the Max-Prop or is there another one you are referring to a 'maxi-prop'? I have ordered a 3 blade for my CS36 and have been watching this message and others regarding props go back and forth. I must admit that I'm surprised how many different diameter props we seem to be using on the 36. My owners manual says the original equipment is a 17' what diameter are you planning to order?

Mary Ellen Spinar

Wind Dancer

I've got a brand new 3 blade Max-prop waiting to go on in the spring. It is a 12". Max-prop has the specs, pitch, etc for the 36. Note that it is not a trivial thing to put it on. In most cases the shaft thread has to be cut to properly fit the zinc. I purchased mine through a local dealer who will haul, mount, test, and rehaul if necessary.


I bought and installed a 14", 3 blade MaxProp last spring on a CS33 without any problems, and did not have to cut the shaft. Next spring before launch I will increase the pitch slightly, but overall was very happy with the performance all last summer. I have a Volvo 2003 motor, 28hp, 7 degree prop shaft.

One piece of advice. The local dealer told me to remove the prop during the winter because they are so expensive and in such demand that there have been instances of them being stolen off the boat during winter storage (assuming that you haul during the winter, of course). In fact, there have been instances where the shaft was cut to get the prop. I have heard of no instances where it was stolen from a boat in the water!!!

CS33 "Bonnie Skye"

Maurice Marwood



I'm curious, was your fixed blade prop 12" or did you go smaller? When I talked to the Max-Prop folks, they told me that the measurements went one of two ways. Either you swing the same diameter and set your pitch one degree lower or you bought down 1 inch and kept the same pitch setting. I was pretty certain my 2 blade fixed prop was 15" in diameter, now I'm going call the guy who dives on my boat and have him measure it so I can be absolutely sure (again) and then call Max-prop (again). We are planning to haul out in April/May and install the new prop along with routine maintenance.

Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen -

I currently have a two blade Martec folding prop. Can't tell you what the dimensions are. I'm putting on a 3-blade Max prop, not a two. When I met with the Max Prop folks at the Annapolis show they just looked in their book under a CS36 and for a 3-blade, 12inch is what they recommend. That was subsequently confirmed when my dealer checked as well. Nevertheless, after the holidays, I'll retrieve the new prop from the cellar and measure it.

Naturally the size will be larger for a two blade.

Hope this makes some sense.


Hi Maurice!

At 2500 RPM what kind of speed do you maintain?, I have the same power plant in a CS36 Merlin.

Thanks! David.


I find the best crusing speed for the engine is 2300 rpm, that is the point of optimum specific fuel consumption and I find the engine seems happy at that speed. On calm water and no significant wind with sails furled the CS33 will cruise at 6.6 to 6.8 knots. However, I do not believe the pitch is optimum (it was set at 24 degree angle which gives a pitch of 11.8" - too little), because I can easily run the rpm up to 3100-3200 (near high idle speed) without feeling that the engine is working very hard. Therefore, I plan to increase the pitch next spring by one setting - to 12.8". As you know it is better to be slightly under pitched than over pitched. It is interesting to note that Fred Hutchison at MaxProp (email: 75032.1023@compuserve.com) recommended either a two blade 14" dia at 15"pitch, or a three blade 14" dia at 13" pitch. I believe the latter will be the best combination for the volvo 2003 at 28hp. On my CS33 I could not go any bigger dia because of too little clearance. For anyone wishing to buy a MaxProp I suggest they try contacting J.P. Marine, 669 Hudson Street, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada, J4B 5R2; tel 514-655-6304.(near Montreal). He is a very small dealer - operates from his house - is reputable, and buys direct from Italy, and his prices should be better than anywhere, especially with the low value of the canadian dollar these days.





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